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Build, customize, and deploy functional apps across all major mobile operating systems, with Rubussoft.

Why Rubussoft?

RUBUSSOFT, a custom mobile application development organization, builds every mobile application to fit your exact requirements. We will spend some time listening to, discussing, and recognising what is important to you.

Alongside mobile app development, we are an experienced IT firm that builds enterprise applications, with special expertise and experience in the US mortgage industry. Our breadth of experience in developing robust solutions for the biggest and one of the most secure industries in the globe has translated into executing brilliant mobile applications of almost any complexity or size. For years, we have modified and rigorously implemented the Agile development methodology for our projects.

Our Solutions

Technology Frameworks

React Native App Development
This open-source cross-platform framework created by Facebook is very consistent, constant, and widely used by developers across the world.

Select “React Native” if you:

  • Want to significantly save on development costs.
  • Want your app to arrive on the market much quicker so you can test your MVP and make changes.
  • Want a rich user experience but one that does not need extremely complex design and interactions.
Flutter App Development
Built by Google, Flutter is an open-source cross-platform framework that is relatively new but rapidly rising in popularity and usage.
  • Flutter has now become RUBUSSOFT main option for cross-platform development. Taking advantage of the thriving platform, we have built our mobility solutions team into a guerrilla.
  • While our entire mobile development team is adept at Flutter, our expert developers have been working on this platform since its release.

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Native App Development

Native apps are platform-specific apps, and skill in this framework is a prerequisite for any mobile app development business.

Select Native Development if you:

  • Value speed over all: Because native apps are native to their platform, they work much quicker.
  • Want the best user experience? Native apps have a greater user experience because they follow UI standards specific to each platform.

Prioritize the above: better security and more reliability over superior development costs.

Why Android?

Android has around 75–80% of the universal smartphone market—making it not just the world’s most well-liked mobile operating system but arguably the most popular operating system, period.

Why iOS?

On average, iOS apps have a better ROI than Android apps. Enforced by Apple’s stringent data protection standards, sensitive project data lodged in iPhone applications is very secure.

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