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Our Data Services

Data Modernisation Solution

In today's enterprise, a modern data architecture is the key to applying the intelligence that drives insights and action.

The Rubus Data Transformation Technique is the fastest way to design a modern data support while functioning within a framework of principled data governance and confidentiality compliance. It allows organizations to concept a fast handy and compliant data environment.

As a reliable data analytics business, we build custom solutions to achieve your ideas using a comprehensive approach, which comprises.

  Fast and Easy to Access, Manage, Analyze and Deploy.
  Able to use data from across and outside the Business.
  Compliant with Data Security and Privacy Regulations.

Data Assessment

Measuring what is the instrument to capture data, what data is being composed, and ability to assimilate it with cloud platforms.

Scheming the Construction

Producing a ascendable, dependable architecture which is technology-ready for the next era.

Creating a Data Roadmap

Understanding what's missing to build a business use case, constructing a strategy to design, build and deploy a data platform.

Structure Solution & Support

To offer healthier worth to your customers. Serving you to completely accept the app through ongoing maintenance support.

Our Cloud Services

Crafting A Seamless Cloud guidelines For Your Business Success

Our combination of unique capabilities can aid you transform, optimize, and control your mission-critical infrastructure and applications.

Amazon AWS

AWS Services

Our cloud experts sketch, construct and manage cloud services to make sure ideal performance for your cloud round-the-cloud.

Azure Services

Leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, we make multi-platform, expandable, and controllable enterprise-grade solutions.

Google Services

Our cloud experts sketch, construct, and manage cloud services to ensure ideal performance for your cloud around-the- cloud.
Our Blockchain Services

Cryptocurrency, Serverless, Data Science, Computing can assist you leverage the profit of blockchain

Blockchain in Capital Markets Industry

Blockchain technology can simplify and modernize the entire trade process and provide an automated trade lifecycle where all parties in the transaction have access to the exact same data about a trade.

Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

Blockchain can improve cross border costs by speeding up and simplifying the process, while reducing costs significantly and cutting out lots of the traditional broker.

Blockchain to improve Digital Identity

When online character is moved to a blockchain - enabled infrastructure, users are able to select how they identify themselves and with whom their identity is shared.

Blockchain in Loyalty and Reward

Blockchain offers benefits, including transparency and traceability of transactions, build more captivating by realizing the value of these customer loyalty programs.


Product Engineering outcomes, not just release

Product Development

Product Development service line is committed to helping clients develop products that enhance the reputation of brands for future business growth

Product Modernization

We offer cutting-edge product modernization services to re-engineer your existing IT infrastructure and grow in the competitive world.

Product Testing

Rubussoft is skilled in offering both Manual and Automated testing, our quality assurance testing ensures an enterprise delivers the best services possible.

Support and Maintenance

As we have developed numerous complex software systems, we have also been maintaining them and providing related support for a very long time now.


Domain Expertise

News & Media
Health Care

The Tech we love to work with

Our passion for technology is only surpassed by our passion for client satisfaction.


Tools we Use

Here at Rubus, we're use a variety of tools that integrate well with our software and jive with our team.


Slack is our choice to manage project communications. We create a dedicated private channel with both team members and you (the client) to discuss everything related to your project. This ensures your project's information is secure and communication is efficient and transparent at all times.


Miro is a collaborative diagram design tool. Miro is the perfect tool to translate ideas into concepts and explain them to the whole team quickly and reliably. Thanks to collaborative features, everyone enters the discussion.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the go-to suite for those looking to work online and store files securely in the cloud. Text treatment and spreadsheets are mandatory so we use Google Drive to take advantage of the full suite to share documentation and collaborate with multiple team members on the same document in real-time.


Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects into boards. It tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. We use Trello to stay organized and keep progress clear but also to gather everything you will need to know about the project in a single place.


Jira was originally designed as a bug and issue tracker. Today it has evolved into a work management tool for all kinds of use cases. Jira is our central hub for work delivery. We use it to organize and manage our design and implementation tasks to keep progressing efficiently toward each release.