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Data Modernization Service

Real-time decision-making is required to modernise the data architecture.


Fast and easy to access, manage, analyse, and deploy.


We can use data from across and outside the business.


Compliant with data security and privacy regulations.

Our Solutions

How do we work with you

As a reliable data analytics business, we build custom solutions to achieve your ideas using a comprehensive approach, which comprises:

Data ripeness assessment

Your data with digital products, automate operations, and solving complex application engineering challenges and development.

Creating a data roadmap

Understanding what’s missing to build a business use case and constructing a strategy to design, build, and deploy a data platform

Scheming the construction

Producing an ascendable, dependable architecture which is technology-ready for the next era.

Structure solution and support

To offer a healthier value to your customers. You can completely accept the app through ongoing maintenance support.

Accelerate Data Modernization

The Rubus Data Transformation Technique is the fastest way to design a modern data support system while functioning within a framework of principled data governance and confidentiality compliance. It allows organisations to conceptualise a fast, handy, and compliant data environment.

Our suggestion representation enables cloud or on-site capabilities with pre-engineered stage works, implements and accelerators to step up information monetization. It provides expandable specific structures and efficient information design to rapidly twist information resources into perceptive, actionable understanding.

Organizations rely on Rubus’s upfront, three-step approach to execute rapidly while lowering risk.

Evaluate and precedence

We consider the present information background, recognise gaps, proposal design, roadmap, and prioritise use of assets aligned to company goals.


We step up growth by implementing statistical design, data confidentiality frameworks, and purpose. This enables the business to join applications and migrate records to a new organization.


We progress information applications into the manufacturing background and organise exclusive workbenches to observe data processes.

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