About us


We do what we love &
we love what we do.

We use the power of technology to deliver mission-critical IT services that move the world and helps drive business impact. We at Rubus deliver the IT services our customers need to modernize operations and drive innovation across the entire IT estate.

Our Story

Rubus is a start-up but an old team. We have been working together for many years (20 years plus) and are relatively very successful in our jobs.

However, we saw that many times, corporate principles rule the relationship rather than what is right for the customer. To change it, we decided to come together and setup a company where empathy towards each other and not only the customer, should be the guiding principle.

We also wanted technology to work for the customer and not just throw “bodies” at it. We are okay to walk out with recommendations on whom to work with rather than take the first project that comes our way. We also differentiate ourselves by focusing on niche technologies, which many services companies ignore as it reduces the need for people.

We are headquartered in New Jersey, US, with our delivery center in Pune, India. Pune is one of the most “navigable” cities in India with a wonderful blend of the capital, technology, education, and culture taken from various parts. Any relationship starts with a conversation, and we will ensure that you will get something out of speaking with us.

Our Values

We at Rubu bind us together regardless of where or how we work and position us to succeed in our transformation journey.


We do what we say we are going to do


We take care of a culture of inclusion and belonging

Do the right thing

We act with integrity, taking responsibility for your tasks


We work as a team - globally and locally

Our Solutions

Easy Solutions for all Difficult IT Problems.

Analytics and Engineering Solutions

Your data with digital products, automate operations, and solving complex application engineering challenges and development services.

Modern Application Development

We enable enterprises to achieve through data-driven assessments, rapid development of cloud-enabled and cloud native applications.

Advisory and Migration Services

You may be able to envision the target state for your IT environment, but not necessarily how to get there.

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